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Free Diving & Spearfishing Courses


From theory to practice...

Tasos Chalaris, together with a team of carefully selected partners, has been pioneering for many years in the field of free diving education. The main objective of his courses, along with strong theoretical training, is specialized practical training that simulates the realistic conditions in the underwater environment. Throughout the course of theoretical training the student will appreciate the wide range of curriculum combined with simple learning process. And all this with constant references to safety issues and specific references to the role of the diving buddy, issues which are of great importance in the World Federation of CMAS. Through this process the student will gain a solid basis for any subsequent development of his underwater performance, after properly classifying and enriching his knowledge in free diving. The feeling of security and skills mastery are going together with the proper brain functioning, which gives us an enjoyable experience and unfailing beauty of free diving. The dive is mostly brain activity... Additionally, we offer seminars, theoretical and practical, dedicated to the analysis of methods and techniques that connect free diving to spearfishing. Our goal is enjoying sport of free diving & spearfishing through maximum security.