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My sea journey starts from sailing "Ten Samian Pines", this is how my grandfather Captain Nikos called his boat. My childhood images and experiences were so intense, having in the background the blue colour of the sea, that it was impossible for me not to engage myself with it later on. Spearfishing was an appropriate "occasion" to devote myself to "Thalatta" of our ancestors. National spearfishing championships with international status and also spearfishing champions league have served as a keystone for my professional presence in the field of diving equipment manufacturing, and this is how we started company "XXone" together with my longtime friend Giannis Halas.

In the past years launching new products for advanced free divers and U/W hunters proved to be very successful. Noting every detail in customers' advanced needs made the constant improvement possible, nothing was a matter of chance anymore. Solid quality manufacturing along with "the perfect solution" for every challenging demand, resulted in the final offers that were also compliant with maximum safety. Very soon the products became popular not only in Greece, but abroad too. We started from fiberglass blades, then carbon, then continued with wetsuits… And the journey began...

Free diving courses were destined to mark my way in underwater journey too. In 2003 they began to carve their headway and soon met somewhere in the middle of the sea with my first love, spearfishing. The "marriage" did not take long to happen. The merge of free diving and spearfishing had to be studied, analysed and simplified, to satisfy all needs of the audience, as apparently free diving was only covering one aspect of "vertical rope dive", but it was not enough for underwater hunting. After dozens of seminars in sailing clubs and spearfishing associations in Greece and Cyprus, the experience was there. What followed afterwards and was named "Adjustment of Free Diving in U/W Hunting" (as a seminar level), wasn't just a flare. The response of the audience was impressive. Their trust to our courses and products was not only awarded by discount policy which gave them often 20-50% off the equipment purchases… But all our students remained above all our friends.

This journey to "Ithaca" has not come to its end yet… The logo has changed, it becomes "XT Diving pro" and the company moves on. Behind this effort there is the same man, who will as always try his best, together with your support and patience, to live up to your trust.


The new XT Diving pro was starting in 2012 generating innovative creating ideas and applying them to Freediving and Spearfishing.



Tasos Chalaris