XT Diving PRO

Sea, spearfishing and freediving is our passion, top diving gear is our specialty.

XT Diving pro manufactures, since 2012, innovative products for all you freediving and spearfishing enthusiasts. World champions and freedivers of all levels from Greece and abroad experience the adventure and freedom of water using XT Diving pro gear.

Freedivers and breath-hold spearfishing hunters will find all they need in XT Diving pro: wetsuits for adult and junior divers, masks, carbon blades and all sorts of patented items and accessories for their favorite sport. High quality products, safe and tested first by us, the ultimate sea lovers!

We also provide freediving courses for all levels and comprehensive spearfishing seminars – adaptation of freediving techniques to spearfishing is our specialty.  
Join us and we’ll find together the best gear for your diving ambitions. We ensure that our customers get top value, excellent service and unbeatable prices.

The exploration of the underwater world starts with XT Diving pro gear! 

Your passion, our specialty

Our Story so far

“Ten pines from Samos! That’s how we’ll call our boat, grandson! ” said proudly one day my grandfather, Captain Nikos. 

Ever since my life was tightly linked to the big blue – every childhood memory, every young man’s dream, taste or experience had the sea on its background. As I grew older, I learned to spearfish, then came the national underwater fishing championships. And that’s how I professionally started manufacturing diving equipment and created the first company XXone. 

With solid knowledge and passion, we developed new products for advanced freedivers and underwater hunters.
We envisioned and manufactured blades from carbon and later innovative wetsuits for underwater explorers. The success of our initial products was overwhelming and since 2012, with the expanded XT Diving Pro, we keep developing and improving our product line. We provide to our clients, athletes and diving enthusiasts, from Greece and abroad, modern diving gear that ensures maximum safety and comfort. 

XT Diving Pro is a one-stop shop for diving gear and freediving or spearfishing instruction. We offer freediving courses that can take you all the way, from beginner to professional (and everything in-between). Our programs offer flexibility and convenience. Since 2002, our friendly and professional dive staff along with diving doctors provide knowledge to all you, underwater lovers.  

Everyone should have access to knowledge 

Inevitably my freediving training met my first love, spearfishing. These two activities have many differences both in their philosophy and objective. Merging the “vertical rope dive” with breath-hold spearfishing has become my life goal.  

Thanks to seminars, article writing in magazines since 1994, exhibitions as well as competitions in Greece and abroad, I acquired significant field experience. The public’s response to my training classes was impressive. Soon, my group of students grew bigger and formed the XTDiving team!
As a token of gratitude to all our students for placing us so high, we offer them some exclusive benefits, ranging from learning opportunities to discounts on equipment purchases. 
XT Diving Pro is more than just a company: it is a large group of friends who love the sea and enjoy safe sports. And that’s exactly what always brings us together!

Tassos Chalaris