Freediving and underwater hunting courses

Beginners & advanced freedivers and underwater hunters, welcome to the big group of friends of XT Diving pro. In the schools of freediving and spearfishing phorcys we will explore the underwater world together in complete safety. We can make underwater activities a pleasant experience, accessible to all. Through our complete courses, you’re guaranteed to get the most out of your training in a fun welcoming atmosphere.

We provide theoretical freediving lessons, practice in the pool and the sea, schools, spearfishing seminars and spearfishing trips for all levels. Simple, comprehensive and always according to the high standards of the World Confederation of Underwater Activities – in brief “C.M.A.S.”

Join us to experience unparalleled adventure and see the world beneath the waves!


Freediving. The ultimate sense of freedom
Freediving as a hobby or sport thrills all sea enthusiasts. The freedom of movement in the underwater environment is unique. The feeling of weightlessness, the changing pressure and the beautiful world that lies underwater attract nature and sea lovers. In our courses we offer all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, using well-structured material of CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities), ideally adapted to the needs of each level of education. We work with leading diving doctors, sports doctors and instructors, so that our students acquire solid knowledge and enjoy their favorite activity in complete safety.

Spearfishing. The ultimate sport
Adapting freediving techniques to spearfishing is our specialty.  
The ecological management of the most selective way of fishing is ideally applied in our teaching.  

Theoretical Education

• Equipment

• Basic principles of physics

• Physiology and weight injuries

• Breathing and techniques

• Relaxation & techniques

• Freediving technique

• Dangerous incident

• Safety measures

• Rescue (complete)

• Safety systems of pair

• Nutrition


From theory to… the water

Applying theory to practical training in swimming pool and sea is made in complete safety. The process of the practical courses is pleasant and student friendly. We are by your side at all times encouraging you and correcting any mistakes or omissions. Thus, in a short time, you get acquainted with the underwater environment and manage to move comfortably. This is the only way to develop immediately and safely your skills.

Spearfishing. Seminars for success
The popular “adaptation of freediving techniques to spearfishing” is a series of theoretical seminars we offer to our students. In collaboration with a group of underwater diving instructors, we give the opportunity to previous and new students of freediving to experience the thrill of training in underwater fishing. Upon completion of the theoretical lessons, students can ask questions about underwater prey and fishing techniques. In 2 three-hour sessions, Tassos Chalaris along with top athletes will answer all your questions in an easy to understand way and share the secrets of locating and approaching quality underwater prey.

Underwater Filming. Watch and learn
The practical training also includes filming each student’s diving efforts. After careful study of your underwater videos (for approximately four hours), we identify the strong points, achievements and correct the mistakes while explaining simply and methodically. The student’s improvement will be verified in the second practical exercise, thus confirming his substantial progress. Following each practical exercise, the student is given the video of his underwater efforts to watch and study on his own after the end of the training. During the practical courses, we provide CARBON blades to the students who do not own a pair, for best assessing and correcting their underwater technique.


1. Certification of the performance and the level of each student according to CMAS International Diver Training Certification System.

2. Students are separated, based on the purpose of their course (eg freediving, spearfishing, underwater filming – photography, athletic freediving).

3. Personal training program with continuous upgrade, depending on the progress of each diver.

4. Specialized group of diving doctors.

5. Free of charge seminars in underwater hunting.

6. Manual of theoretical and practical training.

7. Video with the exercises of the practical courses of each student.

Levels of freediving education

Eligibility: Specific number of participants, priority set on date of application.